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Beginner's classes

Stages of Learning

While some of you will initially be looking to see if archery suits you, others will want to progress their skills to a certain level, while others will be committed to excellence. There are 4 different stages to help you along the way:


If you have not tried archery & just want a try, contact Rob (via the Contact page) to arrange a Come-&-Try lesson 9am on Sundays ($25).

Beginner's course

The Saturday 5-week beginner course ($150) covers the basics and ends with a target competition.

Coaching course
Advanced course

For those who are hooked after the Beginner Course and wish to make archery their sport of choice, we offer a 5-week Advanced Course ($150) which concentrates on form and using stabilisers, and ends with a matchplay competition. During this course we help the archer with equipment selection prior to club membership.


Once you have your own equipment, you will need to apply for membership. As memberships are limited, due to target butt availability, please read the following below which is part of Yokine Archery’s policy.

Policy Statement: Membership to Yokine Archery is by formal application, and is not guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you wear enclosed shoes and bring water to drink. Close fitting clothing should be worn on the upper body to avoid bow string contact.

Some facts to help you in considering and preparing your application:

  • Minimum age: 10 years old
  • Yokine is a small club, limited in our available space, butts, coaching and volunteer support.
  • We are a professional club, focusing our resources on those archers who want to succeed in competition.
  • Priority is to archers who have the desire to compete and applicants should request an Athlete Induction Manual and sign the declaration at rear. Under 18s will need to have their parents sign.
  • Most members apply after completing the Advanced course. External applicants will need to show proof of AA membership and also demonstrate their form to the coach.
  • Members are expected to purchase their own equipment within 6 weeks of joining. Club coaches will assist.
  • We are predominantly a recurve club, as we unfortunately do not have coaches in Compound and only a few suitable 'Danage' targets. Compound archers will need to demonstrate they are fully trained and capable, demonstrated by assessment of one of our existing Compound members and a club coach.
  • ALL members or their parents will be expected to support the club by assisting in set-up and put-away; volunteering for jobs; and participating in busy-bees when held. Discussing your skills and availability with the Volunteer Coordinator will assist your application.
  • Our overall capacity is 50 archers. There is some flexibility to this limit depending on the 'member mix' of each of the weekend days.
  • Weekends are often very busy, and it cannot be guaranteed you will be able to shoot the distance you wish. We run beginners courses on Saturdays, and 'Come n try' on Sundays, each taking up 4 or more targets.
  • We do not organise club competitions. Our focus is on 'form' and preparation for state, national and international competitions.
  • We shoot four times a week. However, mid week is only available for competitive archers.
  • Shooting fees are $5 per week, only when you shoot.
  • We only charge $1 annual membership in addition the Archery Australia & Archery WA annual fees! This is because we prefer our members to instead spend their money on quality equipment and competition costs.